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Timeline of Events

84-86: Late Model Stock Car

87-88: Busch Grand National Series

90-91: Busch Grand National Series with Shawna Robbinson

92: Last Busch Race with Tommy Ellis at Hickory Motor Speedway. Dennis Setzer and Dwight Huffman arranged a deal to run the last 6 races at Tri County Motor Speedway together. They used a LMSC with a Busch Grand National body on it, then went on to win the last 3 races.

93: Late Model Stock Car with Dennis Setzer at Tri County Motor Speedway. Finished 2nd in National Points and missed the championship by (1) 2nd place position. 16 victories in 1993. When Setzer went off to Busch Series, Pete Silva ran the big LMSC races.

94: Pete Silva in the DHR Late Model Stock Car at Hickory and Tri County where he won the first 4 starts of the year. Down the season, Setzer recommended Dexter Canipe to Dwight Huffman. Canipe went on to lead 49 3/4 of 50 laps in his first start at Tri County before he was spun around just shy of the checkered. Through a sponsorship deal, Mike Skinner raced at Caraway and won in a Dwight Huffman racing prepared LMSC. However, when the sponsor wanted to bring Skinner to Hickory and Tri County, DHR knew they needed to stick with Canipe for those tracks, so the sponsor decided to go in a different direction.

95: Dexter raced at Tri County Motor Speedway and Hickory Motor Speedway. Dave Mader III joined the team to race at Ace Speedway and Caraway Speedway. Later on down the season, Jay Fogelman took over for Mader.

96: Fogelman won every big race in there was in a Late Model Stock Car. Between the 20 grand to-win race at Motor Mile, the Myrtle Beach 400, Fogelman helped put DHR on the map. In the meantime, Dexter Canipe was still racing and winning in the DHR LMSC at Hickory and Tri County. By the end of the season, DHR parted ways with Fogelman so he could go on to the Hooters Pro Cup Series.

97: Dexter Canipe won first three races of the season and went on to win the National Championship and Track Championships at Tri County and Greenville. Ashley Huffman began building his Limited Late Model out of an old Busch Grand National car that was ran in 91.

98: Dexter Canipe wanted to run Hickory because he never claimed a championship at his home track. Ashley raced at Tri County in his Limited. Pete Silva talked with Huffman to build a car and head back to Greenville Pickens, but this was late in the winter with not enough time to prepare a new car. So, Silva missed first race because the car wasn't ready. In order to get him on track, DHR took Dexter Canipe's backup car (the 1984 LMSC) for the 2nd race of the season where they ran decent, but it wasn't until the new car was finished when Silva took off with 4-5 wins straight. Silva made up the points he had lost at the beginning of the year to win the Greenville Pickens Speedway Track Championship, while Dexter Canipe would win the Track Championship at Hickory and a prominent win at Martinsville. Also, Ashley Huffman finished 2nd in points at Tri County.

99: Dexter Canipe Jr. began racing, so Dexter had to take a step back to help his son. Pete moved onto his next venture, so that left Ashley running his Limited car at Hickory. He also recorded 2 LMSC races and finished 7th in Hickory Motor Speedway Fall Brawl.

2000: Ashley Huffman ran 10+ races in LMSC.

03-04: Business was on the uprise, so DHR was forced to so had to take a step away from racing temporarily.

05: Ashley ran UARA in LMSC with Dexter Canipe as his crew chief. The team missed 2 races and still finished top 10 in points.

08: Dwight Huffman passed away early in the year and left the DHR team unsure about their future. Doug Houser called Ashley about a memorial race at Hickory to put Shane Huffman in a car. The team ran 2nd and decided it was time for them to jump back into racing. After a long hiatus, Ashley got back behind the seat in July. Towards the end of the year, DHR started to look into rental programs for their team. Smokeys Wrecker Service came on board to help DHR get back going at the racetrack, and the team soon got a Super Truck for Whitney Lale to drive. 

09-10: Whitney won a race and tied for the championship in Super Trucks. Travis Byrd came to Ashley for race parts and ended up getting behind the wheel of a DHR Limited car. 

2011: Won a Limited race with Travis Byrd

2012: Countless wins for Byrd behind the DHR Limited Late Model.

2013: DHR started preparing Dan Moore's car

2015: Chris Phipps joined DHR to elevate his Late Model program.

2016: Dillon Houser began racing Late Models under the support of DHR. Ashley bought an old truck chassis out of a storage container for $100 which went on to sit outside for a year.

2018: DHR decided to prepare that old truck. and Casper built a front and rear clip for it. The $100 truck ran well for the few races Ashley could run until the birth of his children. While he was away, Brandon Setzer got behind the wheel for a few races and ran well. July of 2018, Ashley made a Southeast Super Trucks start at Tri County. Put it on the pole and won. Then he decided to run Caraway, Hickory with the truck as well. Towards the end of the year, Andy Houston called Ashley about putting Clark Houston in a truck. First few tests were a little rough for the young driver, but it wasn't until the first race of the new season when Houston started to turn some heads.

2019: Ran first SEST race with Clark Houston. Houston's driving flipped a switch and he qualified 2nd and finished 3rd in his first race at Tri County. DHR ran a partial schedule with Clark and Chriss Phipps in the Limited Late Model. DJ Canipe began talking with DHR to run a Limited car for the team with the SEST Limited Late Model Tour for 2020.

2020: Partnered with Alps Moutain Affordable Hearing Aid for Clark to run a full season in the Southeast Super Trucks. Chris Phipps continued in the Limited Late Model. DJ Canipe started on a race-to-race deal where he finished 5th in the first race at Anderson Motor Speedway, 3rd in his second race, and ultimately went on to win the Championship and Rookie of the Year with the SEST Limited Late Models for Dwight Huffman Racing. Ashley met with Bub Haney and Tim Dale who had their own cars and were looking for team support in 2021.

2021: DHR ran another full SEST Limited Late Models season with DJ Canipe, but the team now added Bub Haney, to the roster. The team also ran Southeast Super Trucks with Clark Houston, Tim Dale, and DJ Canipe for a few starts with his best finish of 2nd coming in the season finale at Tri County Speedway.

How We Started

DHR began in 1984 when Dwight Huffman got behind the wheel of a Late Model Stock Car. From there, the team continued upward and onward with a plethora of notable drivers across the Southeast region. 

Drivers for DHR

Dwight Huffman | Shawna Robbinson | Jimmy Spencer | Jimmy Hensley | Tommy Ellis | Dennis Setzer | Dexter Canipe | Pete Silva | Mike Skinner | Dave Mader III | Jay Fogelman | Ashley Huffman | Whitney Lale | Travis Byrd | Dan Moore | Chris Phipps | Brandon Setzer | Clark Houston | DJ Canipe | Bub Haney | Tim Dale | Joey Braun

About DHR

Dwight Huffman Racing was formed in the early 1980’s after Dwight was exposed to motorsports  by his father in-law, Frank Wilson. Frank began racing in the 1950’s fielding cars primarily for Ned Setzer. Many weeks they would hit the road on Thursday’s and compete at 4 different tracks before returning home on Sunday night winning hundreds of races over two decades. After the family stepped away from racing in the mid 70’s it didn’t take very long for the desire to return and fire inside of Dwight was lit. After putting together a few small adventures from 1981-1983 that basically added fuel to the fire he decided it was time to jump in with both feet. During the winter of 83-84 Dwight and his wife’s cousin Kimble purchased a different car and began preparing for the next season. After starting the 84 season with Allan Powell driving Allan stepped out of the car and Tony Warren came down from Asheville to take over the driving duties. The purple #7, which was made famous by Frank and Ned years earlier, was back in victory lane winning 36 races at Hickory Speedway between 1984-1986 and securing Dwight Huffman Racing’s first track championship in 1986 at Hickory.

During the 86 championship season Dwight began thinking about the next step in his racing goals and he purchased a Busch Grand National car and they competed in a handful of races with it to learn the ropes with hopes of taking that huge step the next season. From 1987 till 1992 DHR competed in 81 Busch Grand National races earning 1 pole and thirteen top 10 finishes.

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